Ather Rizta: Revolutionizing Family Mobility with its Spacious Design and Innovative Features

Discover the Ather Rizta, the latest electric scooter from Ather Energy, spearheaded by CEO Tarun Mehta. With its family-focused design, spacious seating, and innovative features.


3/29/20242 min read

Ather Rizta is Revolutionizing Mobility with its Spacious Design and Innovative Features

In the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), Ather Energy has consistently been a trailblazer, and their latest offering, the Ather Rizta, is set to redefine family transportation in India. Scheduled for unveiling at the upcoming Community Day event on April 6th, the Ather Rizta promises a plethora of features designed to cater specifically to the needs of families, making it a compelling choice for everyday commutes and weekend adventures alike.

Designed with Families in Mind

Breaking away from the conventional mold of electric scooters, the Ather Rizta prioritizes practicality and comfort. A notable feature is its king-sized seat, a testament to its family-focused design ethos. CEO Tarun Mehta himself showcased this feature on social media, highlighting its expansive seating area, which surpasses popular models like the Honda Activa and the Ola S1 Pro. With ample space for both rider and pillion, the Rizta ensures a relaxed and comfortable ride, whether it's navigating city streets or embarking on a family outing.

Moreover, spy shots during testing revealed a generous floorboard area, perfect for storing groceries, bags, or helmets. Combined with the largest boot space in its class, the Rizta offers unparalleled convenience for running errands or embarking on weekend getaways with the family.

Additionally, with an IP67 water resistance rating, the scooter is well-equipped to tackle unpredictable Indian weather, ensuring peace of mind during monsoon downpours or flooded streets.

Feature-Packed for a Smooth Ride: Beyond its spacious design, the Ather Rizta boasts a plethora of features aimed at enhancing safety and convenience:

Stylish Design: A sleek and modern aesthetic, complemented by a horizontal LED headlight and tail lamp for enhanced visibility.

Informative Display: A fully digital instrument cluster provides essential ride information at a glance, ensuring riders stay informed throughout their journey.

Smart Connectivity: Smartphone connectivity enables features like remote lock/unlock and ride data analysis, keeping users connected to their scooter at all times.

Ride Modes: Choose from various ride modes to optimize performance for different scenarios, whether it's city commutes, highway cruising, or eco-friendly riding.

Fast Charging: With fast charging capabilities, the Rizta offers quicker charging times, reducing range anxiety and ensuring minimal downtime.

Safe Braking: Disc brakes on both wheels, coupled with a telescopic front fork and mono-shock rear suspension, ensure confident braking and a smooth ride for all passengers.

Expected Performance: Power, Range, and More

While official specifications are yet to be revealed, rumors suggest that the Ather Rizta will offer a range exceeding 150 kilometers on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for daily commutes and short trips. Anticipated upgrades to the motor setup and battery pack may also result in higher top speeds, catering to those who seek a more exhilarating riding experience.

Price and Availability

The Ather Rizta is expected to be competitively priced within the range of Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.35 lakh (ex-showroom), positioning it as an attractive option in the burgeoning electric scooter market. Although the official launch is set for April 6th, the scooter is anticipated to hit the market by June 2024.

With its family-friendly design, innovative features, and anticipated performance capabilities, the Ather Rizta is poised to revolutionize family mobility in India. Whether it's daily commutes or weekend adventures, the Rizta offers a compelling blend of comfort, convenience, and performance, making it a game-changer in the world of electric scooters.