CATL Aims for Small-Scale Production of Solid-State EV Batteries by 2027


4/29/20241 min read

CATL, the world's leading battery manufacturer, has set its sights on revolutionizing the electric vehicle market with plans for small-scale production of all-solid-state batteries by 2027. These advanced batteries promise enhanced range and safety compared to current lithium-ion counterparts, marking a significant leap forward in electric vehicle technology.

Key Points:

- CATL's Chief Scientist, Wu Kai, revealed the company's ambitious goal at the China International Battery Fair in Shanghai, aiming for small-scale production of solid-state batteries by 2027.

- While acknowledging the challenges, including high costs, Wu Kai expressed confidence in CATL's technology, expecting it to reach a maturity level of 7-8 on a 9-point scale by 2027.

- Solid-state batteries boast remarkable energy density potential, with projections reaching up to 500 Wh/kg, compared to the current limit of 350 Wh/kg for liquid lithium-ion batteries.

- CATL's extensive research and development efforts, supported by a team of nearly 1000 experts, underline its commitment to advancing solid-state battery technology.

- Collaboration with industry peers and academic institutions, including participation in the China All-Solid-State Battery Collaborative Innovation Platform (CASIP), demonstrates CATL's strategic approach to driving innovation and commercialization.


- The pursuit of solid-state battery technology signals a transformative shift in the electric vehicle industry, promising longer ranges and safer driving experiences.

- CATL's efforts align with China's vision to maintain its leadership position in electric vehicle battery technology, amidst growing competition from global players.

- Collaboration within the CASIP consortium underscores the industry's collective commitment to accelerating the development and adoption of solid-state batteries.

CATL's announcement marks a significant milestone in the journey towards all-solid-state EV batteries, offering a glimpse into the future of electric mobility. With advancements in technology and collaborative efforts, the prospect of safer, more efficient electric vehicles is closer than ever, paving the way for a sustainable automotive future.