ChargeLab: Revolutionizing EV Charging Solutions


5/25/20242 min read

ChargeLab, founded in 2016 and based in Toronto, Ontario, is at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. Specializing in Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), ChargeLab offers comprehensive turnkey solutions, including hardware, software, and installation services tailored for businesses and governments. Their innovative approach is anchored by the development of foundational software for EV chargers, setting them apart as a leader in the field.

The ChargeLab Advantage

ChargeLab distinguishes itself with its OCPP-compliant software, which transforms any OCPP device into a smart charger. As the only true operating system for EV chargers, ChargeLab’s Charging Station Management System (CSMS) provides an array of features designed to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

Feature-Rich Software

ChargeLab’s software is designed to meet diverse use cases with an extensive range of features:

  • Fast & Easy Deployment: Chargers can be registered and connected within minutes using self-serve tools.

  • API Access: Real-time and historical charging data can be accessed and integrated via API.

  • Dashboard: A customizable admin dashboard allows visualization of EV charging data.

  • 24/7 End-User Support: EV drivers and site hosts receive continuous support through phone and live chat.

  • Monitoring: Automatic monitoring for charger faults and network errors ensures reliability.

  • Site Administration: Management of sites and administrators across various companies and locations.

  • Charger Diagnostics: Analysis of OCPP message logs and configuration updates.

  • Reports: Generation and export of data for utility rebate programs.

  • Notifications: Admin notifications for faults or downtime.

  • Firmware Updates: Remote firmware updates ensure seamless operations.

  • Security: SOC 2 Type II security compliance provides peace of mind.

  • Access Control: Manage access for residents, employees, or fleets.

  • Revenue Collection: Secure, PCI-compliant payment processing with major credit cards.

  • Detailed Pricing Control: Customizable pricing schemes and discounts based on time or kWh.

  • Power Management: Load balancing capabilities maximize energy capacity.

  • Vehicle Management: Optimize fleet charging, track usage, and assign vehicle RFIDs.

  • End-User Interfaces: Customizable end-user interfaces, including web and mobile apps, enhance user experience.

End-to-End Solutions

ChargeLab offers a range of integrative solutions:

  • White-Labeling: Customizable UI with brand-specific logos and colors.

  • Web App: Seamless charging experience with QR scan functionality.

  • iOS & Android Apps: Mobile applications to drive brand loyalty.

  • RFID Cards: Reliable method for end-user authentication.

  • Integrations: Deep integrations with smart buildings, smart grids, solar energy, and energy storage.

  • Charging Station Aggregators: Compatibility with platforms like PlugShare and ChargeHub.

  • Other Integrations: From credit card readers to roaming with other EV networks, ChargeLab’s platform is designed to expand and adapt.

Developer Support

ChargeLab supports developers with a robust program:

  • ChargeLab Developer Program: Free connection for test EV chargers.

  • Language-Agnostic APIs: Flexible integration with smart building or smart grid products.

  • OCPP Bootcamp: Rapid development of OCPP-compliant firmware.

  • Unlimited Test Cycles: Unlimited testing with ChargeLab’s CSMS.

  • OCPP Certification Pre-Testing: Streamlined pre-certification testing process.

ChargeLab sets the standard for innovation in the EV charger management industry, offering a comprehensive suite of features and integrations that cater to every possible need. With a strong emphasis on ease of deployment, robust support, and extensive customization options, ChargeLab’s solutions empower businesses, governments, and developers to optimize their EV charging infrastructure effectively.