Electra EV Expands Global Reach with Ambitious Electric Powertrain Projects


7/8/20241 min read

Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions, better known as Electra EV and promoted by Ratan Tata, is setting its sights on international expansion with comprehensive powertrain solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and boats. This Pune-headquartered company, recognized for its successful battery production, has been a key supplier of powertrain solutions to Tata Motors for its Tigor EV and Ace EV light commercial vehicle.

CEO and Executive Director Samir Yajnik outlined the company's diverse developmental projects. Electra EV is currently working on a compact tractor for overseas markets, a standard tractor for India, two versions of a microcar for international markets, an SUV for India, and an excavator for Tata-Hitachi. Additionally, the company is making strides in the two-wheeler segment and has been approached by half a dozen three-wheeler companies for battery packs ranging from 5.4 kWh to 11.6 kWh.

Electra EV is managing a dozen different projects, with three set to launch this year, including a reverse trike with two front wheels and one rear wheel. The company is also bidding on three major electric car projects with European, Japanese, and Chinese companies, though details remain confidential due to non-disclosure agreements.

Focusing on the indigenization of powertrain technology, Electra EV aims to support the manufacturing of electric vehicles in India by international companies. The company is utilizing a significant portion of the $25 million raised through GEF Capital in 2022 for product development and has invested over $100 million in the last five years.