IIT-Jodhpur Innovates Affordable Solar Charging Adaptor for Electric Vehicles


6/12/20242 min read

In a groundbreaking development, IIT-Jodhpur has unveiled a special adaptor designed to charge electric vehicles (EVs) using solar power. This innovation aligns with the Indian government's ambitious vision, articulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February, to empower individuals to recharge their EVs using electricity generated from rooftop solar systems.

The adaptor, expected to be priced below Rs 1,000, promises to significantly enhance the feasibility and appeal of solar-powered EV charging. Nishant Kumar, Assistant Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT-Jodhpur, emphasized the potential impact of this device, especially if the solar panel initiative achieves widespread success.

"With a growing trend towards electric vehicle adoption, supported by government subsidies, our charging adaptor offers a practical solution to a common challenge," said Kumar. "On one end, the adaptor connects to the solar panel, and on the other, to the EV charger provided by the manufacturer. It features two points that deliver power according to the vehicle's needs."

Currently, harnessing maximum power from solar panels without a power converter is a complex task, necessitating the use of a specialized adaptor. Kumar explained that conventional EV chargers are not designed to draw power directly from solar panels, which is where this new device steps in.

The innovative adaptor is poised to play a crucial role as countries around the world, including India, strive to expand their EV charging infrastructure over the next five years. This effort includes plans for installing rooftop solar panels and placing solar-powered sockets on poles, with the responsibility of operation falling to EV companies.

One of the significant hurdles for potential EV buyers is the scarcity of charging stations and resources, compounded by the rapid discharge rate of EV batteries. This issue is particularly acute in hilly and remote regions, where finding charging points can be challenging. Kumar highlighted that this adaptor, compatible with all types of EVs, has been successfully prototyped and tested, and is set to hit the market soon.

The introduction of this adaptor not only addresses a critical gap in the EV ecosystem but also supports broader environmental goals by promoting renewable energy use. As the world transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, innovations like the IIT-Jodhpur solar charging adaptor are paving the way for a greener future.