Nissan and Honda Explore Partnership on Software and Charging Infrastructure


7/4/20241 min read

Japanese automakers Nissan Motor and Honda Motor are considering using standardized automotive software and collaborating on electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, according to a report by the Nikkei newspaper on Thursday. These steps aim to reduce costs and enhance their competitiveness in the EV market.

In March, Nissan and Honda announced they were exploring a strategic partnership focused on producing EV components to strengthen their position in the rapidly growing global market for battery-powered cars. The two automakers, Japan's third- and second-largest respectively, are reportedly looking to jointly develop an operating system to control cars, a move that could significantly cut costs, according to Nikkei, though the source of this information was not disclosed.

The potential collaboration could also extend to boosting charging infrastructure, an essential factor in increasing their EV competitiveness. The Nikkei report mentioned that Nissan and Honda are believed to be considering cooperation in six different areas as part of this potential partnership.

Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida stated in March that the companies are open to collaborating in any region, both in Japan and internationally. Although Nissan and Honda declined to comment on the Nikkei report, representatives from both automakers confirmed that they are exploring various collaboration opportunities.

Nissan, which pioneered mass-market EVs with the Leaf in 2010, and Honda are facing increasing competition in the global EV market from companies like Tesla, as well as Chinese and South Korean automakers.