Xiaomi to Unveil SU7 Electric Vehicle in India on July 9


7/8/20241 min read

Xiaomi is set to unveil its first electric vehicle (EV), the SU7, in India on July 9. Although the Chinese company is not planning an immediate launch in the Indian market, the event aims to gauge consumer interest in the region. Known as the SU7 or Speed Ultra, this project represents a significant venture for Xiaomi, involving a global investment of $10 billion in the automotive industry.

The SU7 has already made its debut in China, where deliveries began in March to a positive reception. The base model is priced under $30,000, which is about $4,000 less than Tesla’s Model 3 in China. Xiaomi offers two variants of the SU7: one with a driving range of up to 668 km per charge and another extending up to 800 km, providing consumers with options in terms of range and performance.

According to a report by The Times of India, the showcasing event will take place in Bengaluru. The display aims to highlight “the strength of Xiaomi as a brand and its diversified product portfolio,” which currently centers around smartphones, its biggest consumer product. The event will also feature various household appliances and announcements of new product categories.

Xiaomi introduced the SU7 sedan last December, featuring its ‘super electric motor’ technology, which boasts acceleration speeds surpassing those of Tesla and Porsche’s electric vehicles. This move comes as Xiaomi seeks to expand into the EV sector in response to slowing smartphone demand, a strategy announced in 2021.

The production of Xiaomi cars will be managed by a subsidiary of the state-owned BAIC Group at a Beijing factory, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles, as reported by The Economic Times. Xiaomi is committed to investing $10 billion in the automotive industry over the next decade. It is one of the few new entrants in China’s EV market to receive approval from regulatory authorities, who have been cautious about increasing supply surplus.